Terms & Conditions

The pilot is the servant of the vessel and its owner and/or operator and is not to be held personally liable. It is specifically agreed that the pilot is the servant of the vessel and its owner is an adviser to the master and is at all subject to the control of the master. The services of the pilot while participating in directing the navigation of a vessel from on board such vessel or from elsewhere are accepted on the understanding that neither the owners nor the operators of a vessel making use of or having available her own propelling power will assert any personal liability to respond in damages, including any rights over, against the pilot for any damages sustained or caused by the vessel, even though resulting from the pilot’s negligence, in respect to the giving of orders to any of the tugs furnished to or engaged in the assisting services and/or in respect to the handling of such vessel. Furthermore, in the event of any claim against the pilot by any third party, the owner and/or operator agrees to defend, save and hold the pilot harmless from any and all claims, except for actions which are found to be occasioned by the pilot’s willful misconduct or gross negligence.